Can anyone else see my personal details?


Can one bury on virtual cementary any other animals but dogs and cats?

Yes, it’s a purpose of the graveyard.

How can I erase my account in www.animalheaven.pl if there was such a need?

To erase his account, the registered user is asked to send for e-mail address animalheaven@animalheaven.pl a request with a demand of deleting account from e-mail address subscribed to the account. AnimalHeaven shows much initiative to verify a user and execute his will.
It’ll be necessary to pass acknowledgement from e-mail address subscribed to this account to eliminate removal an account of the third person.

Are the graves VIP unpaid in 2016 r?

No, the graves VIP are projected for a special wish of a customer by graphic designer . The price hasn’t changed and is 369 PLN with vat.

How can I add pictures to the gallery of pictures?

Addition of pictures to the gallery of photos is possible only after logg in into the servise. Press My Account, from the right hand side menu choose a button Edit a Gallery,then click on the chosen edition.
Below the pictures there is a place Add new photos, drag a picture from your own disc or click in the space ‘’ Drag here a picture ‘’ and choose a photo from your own disc. A photo will take on automatically. You can add decsriptions and edit and delete your photos.

I would like to bury my dog on your graveyard, buy him a precious stone, a candle and inset him a movie. What should I do step-by – step?

Step 1. You should register.
Step 2. You should enter the graveyard.
Step 3. You should enter in Your Profile in Menu and choose the option Add Animal/ Grave (choose accustomed or VIP ) then from option Choose Extras you should choose some extras.

If I register do I have to give my surname?


Does the PayPal method execute?

Yes, it does.

What is your e-mail address, where I am supposed to send my messages?

Forwarding addresss has been presented in the statute and sounds the same: animalheaven@animalheaven.pl

What is the Account Number to transfer the money?

ul.Swiemirowska 12
81-877 Sopot

The Bank Account: (numer konta)

IBAN: PL 77 1870 1045 2078 1046 5891 0001

Nest Bank SA
ul. Wołoska 24
02-675 Warszawa

The Sum of Money: (kwota wpłaty)
Entitled: (tytułem)