30.10.2016 - The First of November

When the 1-st of November comes a lot of us need or find not only more time but also attention to return to happy moments and memories when their pet was sill living among them. It's an ordinary thing that we enjoy talking to the other people how much our previous dog or cat was amazing and how much we miss him and that's the reason we lit him a candle. The others don't have to say anything because it's too painfull so they just put the lights and photos on the graves. Today, for the whole morning it had been raining but at 10:06 only for a minute the rainbow showed her face so it was worth to be in pain. These who passed over the Rainbow Bridge have already been pleasantly spending their time since then.It's known from ages that animals can be the most faithful friends of ours therefore unquestionably it's worth to remind our pets that we are still in here and we remember about them,either.